We meet!

You will meet your personal designer and account manager either at our studio, a different agreed location or via email or conference call to discuss your event and required stationery.

In the meeting we will work on designs and potential options for the stationery.  We will look at past examples we have produced, as well as looking at different stocks to see weights and colour options, along with print techniques available.

By the end of the meeting we will either arrange to meet again if further samples or designs need to be seen to allow us to finalise the details, alternatively if no further meetings need to be had at this point, please allow us time to put together a quote based on the discussed stationery. The quote will usually be emailed to you within 2 working days of meeting. Depending on the complexity of the design, it can take longer, but you will be kept fully up to date by your account manager if this is the case.

We meet again if required, if this is not needed, you approve the quote in writing or over the phone and we move to the next stage.




Once we have agreed all the details and you are happy with the quote we will send an invoice for 50% deposit of the total amount. We accept the following forms of payment; all major credit cards, cheque, cash or direct transfer.  We will need to receive the deposit in full before any work can begin on the stationery. No artwork or stock ordering can take place until the deposit payment is received in full.



Proofing and guest lists

The most efficient way from this point is to work over email so every thing will be available to reference and view immediately.  However, you can pick up the phone to us at any time to talk through any emails, questions or information you may need. We want you to feel comfortable at every stage of this process, which we believe is cultivated from clear communication.

Wording – if this information was not confirmed in the initial meeting, we will need you to email us all your event information or the details we will need to start working on the artwork for your stationery (the where, the when, dress code, start-finish times, locations, birth dates, weight etc.)

Once you have received your first round of proofs we will need your feedback in the body of an email. We will endeavour to make requested changes within 24 hours of receiving them. If at any point you would like to discuss changes over the phone please do feel free to give us a ring.

The proofing process will go on as long as required to get the artwork to the stage where you are completely happy with every element. This process can be as quick as 1 working day, or up to a few weeks, it simply depends on how complex the artwork is and how much work there is to be done. Things such as line illustrations and images will require more time. Your account manager will guide you through this process, but again if you have any questions or need to raise any issues do not hesitate to do so immediately.

Nothing will go to print without receiving your official sign off in writing via email and/or by initialing the description of your design on the proof approval form we will send you.



Sign off

Whilst we have touched on the proof approval process already within this guide, it is such a crucial element in the process of producing stationery that we feel it deserves its own title!

Please consider signing off the proofs, either by email or by completing the proof approval form as entering into a contract with Ruth Kaye Design. You will be stating you are happy to send the proofs to print exactly as they are. The proof approval form will have the details and reference for each of the proofs clearly stated for you to be sure of what you are agreeing to print. Once approval has been made no further changes can be made, so please make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s!  Ruth Kaye Design is not responsible for spelling, grammar or details of the content within the proofs.  Nothing will go to print or production without receiving your official sign off in writing, and/or by completing the proof approval form.




Once we have received your official sign off then we will move all work into production. It is normal that on occasion the main artwork for the invitation is signed off ready to move to production before personalised part of the order. The lead time for the order will usually be able to be confirmed at this point, heavily bespoke orders may need a little more time in production before accurate lead times can be given.



Collection and payment

We will endeavour to send you a final invoice for all items prior to collection so you can prepare your choice of payment for the final bill. Unfortunately, no items can leave the studio without receiving final payment in full. All items will be wrapped beautifully ready for you to collect at your convenience.


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